In case you missed it from my Favorite Foods page, I love to eat, especially good food. Now, typically, I find it hard to go out to restaurants and eat mediocre food that I can make myself. It is uncommon for me to repeatedly go back to a restaurant willingly, just because the food is so darn good and it is worth the extra money (Boston is expensive, yall).

So here are a few of my favorite restaurants that I truly love:

  1. Soulongtang – Now, I am Taiwanese-American, so I do have a palette that tends toward Asian food, but not all Asian food is the same, okay!? Here, I get the “Doganitang,” which is essentially white ox-bone broth with tendon. It’s this super nutritious bone broth that you season to taste (don’t go overboard on the salt like I did). The meal comes with small side dishes (hellooo kimchi – so good for you!) and a side of rice that tastes so good when paired with the broth!IMG_1326.jpg
  2. Rosebud – specifically their Chicken and Waffles. Note that they only serve brunch on the weekends, sad, but holy their chicken and waffles are so good. Granted, I came here after I finished a tough workout (Crossfit Open 16.2), but man oh man this is a place I would come back for special occasions. Though I will say, only when I have the time to have an afternoon crash from all the waffle and fried-ness of this yummy meal. 🙂screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-2-12-55-pm