I am a die-hard blog follower/reader/lover. Every morning, after I’ve decompressed from my typically stressful bike ride to work (man, people can be so mean!), I sit down at my desk with a cup of free mediocre Green Mountain coffee and check all my blogs! I think at this point, there are about 15-20 blogs that I consistently read and enjoy. These range from lifestyle to fashion to food to fitness, and typically I come out many dollars poorer due to online shopping sprees and many recipes in the mix to try and recreate.

In some of the blogs I follow, people seem to be curious about the bloggers’ favorite products, restaurants, fashion finds, recipes, you name it. Thus, in the rare case that you, perhaps, are curious, I will be linking to my “favorites” and updating them (maybe). It is entirely possible that no one cares. 🙂 So, let’s see how this goes…