The Joys of Graduated Life.

I am coming up on my two month anniversary of working life. I’m pretty sure people don’t celebrate this, as this could likely be two months out of the rest of my life (hopefully not, though), but it’s a big deal to me, okay!?

I graduated in June, after staying in school an extra year to get my Master’s degree. While many of my peers were soaking up Vitamin D in the Bay area, I intentionally chose to stay and learn more about Computer Science, woohoo. What’s wrong with me, you ask? Now, if you know me, you may know that I am not one to talk all nerdy about full stack development and virtual machines. So, the mere fact that I stayed to get a Master’s degree in Computer Science was quite uncharacteristic of me.


Anyways, I wrote a thesis, turned it in, graduated, traveled to Taiwan, and said bye bye to MIT, except that my office is about a 5 minute walk to campus. What was I thinking staying this close?!

So, for all you folks out there who hear everyone tell you to “stay in school” and “oh I miss those college days,” they’re wrong! Secretly, “real life” is the best thing, and I am so glad I’m not in school anymore. Granted, I imagine there may come a day where I may want to go back to school, but for now, I am a graduated, young professional and I couldn’t love it more. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. So much free time! Not only do I have the time to do things I actually want to do (instead of boring sorority chapter meetings), but I have the mental space to think and engage. Rather than being stressed out all the time for fear that my seemingly monumental problem set isn’t going to get finished, I don’t have to worry come Sunday night that I haven’t done any work all weekend.


    My housemate and I at Cru’s annual Fall Retreat in Lake Winnipesauke, NH.

  2. I actually have the relational capacity to build deeper friendships. Though I do agree that college is a unique opportunity to make long lasting friendships, I will also say that, now, I feel a freedom to invest in relationships on my own terms. I am more intentional with how I spend my time, and it is almost a multiplier effect. The more people I build friendships with, the more time I spend with them, and inevitably the deeper the friendship becomes. Read my thoughts on friendship here. I’m all about that friendship (not that bass :P)


    My housemates and I on our way to Boda Borg!

  3. My  mind is much less cluttered. No longer do I think about my next problem set, or my next test, or my next meeting with my advisor. Though I do have “adult” things to think about, like budgeting (ew), my mind feels so much more free to think and write about my thoughts, hence the creation of this blog. 😉

I will say, though, I do miss getting random days off. I only found out two weeks ago that I don’t actually get Columbus day off… what?!?! So here, I am, at work, crying inside and staring out the window looking at the pretty river, wishing I could be apple picking. Actually, it’s not too bad, at least I have free coffee. 😉


Guys, this is my view. *heart eyes*