Connected, yet so Disconnected

A few weeks ago, my phone found itself sitting in a pile of water next to the sink (aka I put it there). I was trying to be “disconnected,” and intentionally not look at my phone for a few hours while I was hanging out with my friends. Sure enough, a few hours later, I come back to the kitchen to check on my phone and notice that the screen has noticeable water damage. I immediately power my phone off, panic, ask for some rice, and stick my phone inside, praying that my phone will be resurrected.


What I noticed throughout the next few days as I “patiently” (not really) waited for my phone to dry out is that, as much as I hate to admit it, I am so dependent on my phone. I rely on it for communication, killing time when I am bored (looking at you Facebook), and filling up the silence during my commute. Without it, I felt extremely naked and anxious that I was missing an important text. In fact, I took my iPad with me for the next few days to hopefully connect to wifi wherever I was and use it like a phone. Yes, I have an iPad and an iPhone and a MacBook. I am the poster child of successful Apple marketing.

Why is it that we are all so connected via Facebook, Snapchat, etc, yet feel so disconnected? Sometimes, I know more about my friends through their social media than I would if I just talked to them. I know that my friend took a random trip to New York for the weekend, and I know that my housemate got a free coffee at our favorite coffee shop.

So many times in big groups, I find myself checking my phone along with everyone else. Here we are, trying to “bond,” but are staring at our phones entranced in this world hidden behind a bright screen. I find myself in my living room with all my housemates, each of us blocked by our laptops watching Netflix, clacking away working, or clicking the refresh button to see if there are any new Facebook statuses.


And the ironic thing is, I’m doing it right now! I’m in the living room, clacking away on my laptop, while my housemate is on his laptop. I think we’ve spoken a few sentences to each other, maybe.

PS: I’m all about this article. Do not disturb is one of my favorite (next to Night Shift) updates in iOS9. Thank you Apple.

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