Netflix and Football (and not about how awesome they are)

Few disclaimers:

  1. I grew up watching football. My high school was like Friday Night Lights (shout out Plano East). Every Friday night, my friends and I would dress up (mostly in “spirit wear”), drive over to our large football stadium, and cheer on our Panthers. Fun fact: I graduated from the largest high school in America.


    Baby Eann at Homecoming in 2009. What are we wearing you ask? Mums. Aka giant fake flowers with ribbons that guys pay $100+ for.

  2. I used to watch Netflix like no other. I purposely reserved Friday nights in college (rather than watching football) for binge watching and catching up on my tv shows on Netflix. In fact, I would turn off the lights in my room, so my friends couldn’t see that I was home and try to disturb my sacred tv watching time.

As you may know, I am all about friendship and spending time with people. In case you missed it, you can start here.

It is amazing to me that we spend so much of our time watching Netflix, football, you name it. We place so much of our hopes and dreams in teams like the Dallas Cowboys, which inevitably fail us (come on Tony Romo) and rooting for people we don’t even know in our melodramatic tv shows (since when is dating 25 guys okay?!?).

And what baffles me is that, in the end, Jerry Jones does not care about me. Yes, I might buy a Dak Prescott jersey after our win against 49ers, but the Cowboys don’t care what I do. It doesn’t matter if I am a die hard fan or a fair weather fan. In the end, what I do does not make a difference to a football team. Yet, here we are, basing our moods, fantasy football leagues, and hopes in a sport that will, ultimately, disappoint us.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

It only takes so many poor seasons for you to realize you can’t always count on a football team. #riptonyromo

Same goes for television shows – whoever the Bachelor is at the time, he does not care about me! He might be “interested” in the 25 women that producers have hand selected for him to “date,” but come on, ABC is a franchise. While I am considered a “viewer,” I am a nobody. Yet, why is it that after each episode, I find myself reading blogs of former contestants and of people claiming to spoil the “final one,” wasting my time in this fictional world that does not give two hoots about me? (I am happy to report that I no longer do this and have banned myself from watching shows like the Bachelor. :))


My name is Eann, and I used to be a Bachelor addict.

We spend so much of our time investing our hearts and lives in fictional things that will ultimately let us down. Who really cares if your favorite football team has a horrible season? Who really cares if your favorite tv show character breaks up with the love of their life? Does any of it really matter when you stop and think about it? I get that these are avenues for people to “connect.” Admittedly, I follow sports as a way to initiate and maintain a conversation with some of my coworkers, but to base my mood off of the success of a sports team? Now, that’s just not very stable at all.

What if, instead, we placed our hopes and dreams in Jesus? The only One who will never ever disappoint. The only One who cares about us more intimately that we could ever know. The only One who isn’t flaky, dependent on poor internet connection, or a quarterback who always gets injured. That sounds a lot more reasonable to me.

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